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    How does it work?

    For a moment let’s put ourselves in your clients’ shoes. Here you can see how they use ClientCard, collecting points and getting rewards. Along the way they learn about your new products and services, special offers, and promotions.
    And seamless integration into your business routine for you and your stuff.

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    How to get started

    Here you can see what your personalized ClientCard App will look like. What your business will get. We will take you through easy ‘getting started’ points – you do them once and then ClientCard works for you.

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    What ClientCard can do for my business

    We will demonstrate how easy it is to collect a detailed database of your clients, analyze insights and turn them into winning marketing solutions. We also show you tips, tricks, and strategies to work more closely with your clients. Speak directly to them, send push notifications, invite clients to events, promote, and much more.

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    How a loyalty program can increase revenue

    If you think a loyalty program is ONLY an Expense – we will prove you wrong by showing how you actually can earn more money with it.