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ClientCard makes it easy to turn all your clients into loyal ones.

Digital Loyalty Card is mobile application provided by ClientCard for iOS ( iPhone ) and Android ( brands like Samsung, Xiomi, Huawei, Sony and many other brands ).

In ClientCard CRM – you are able to post message to all your clients, system will automatically send this post to all of your clients. Every client is counted as 1 post for example you have 600 clients download your app and you are sending a post to your clients : system will consider that you used 600 posts. Standard package has 3500 posts.

At ClientCard we will adjust colors, insert your logo, create Loading screen and create unique icon for your business as well we will ask which name you want to use for your application.

Quick start package includes: A5 flyer, business card size card – that you can give to your clients to convert them to your loyal clients ( we are not providing printed materials, ClientCard will provide print files it is up to you to print them ) as well we will create Reward for your business for quick start your loyalty and of course you can delete them create your own, deactivate – your loyalty, you are in charge.

Yes, this is why we are attaching success manager to your business – he will assist you with easy 1 – 2 -3 steps to help you create your very own loyalty program as well advice on what works best and advice on your specific business needs. Once in 3 months he will analyze your progress and send you advice for improvements.

Manager app works independently from any POS system and enables you to add points and redeem rewards to your clients. Manager application works on iOS systems only – easiest one is iPod touch – why ? Because iOS platform is most stable one – we do not want you to be worried about updates on your software that phone is running, compatibility, unstable work etc. Will we do manager app that works on Android – we are not sure. As well we are integrated with POS – tell us your POS and maybe we already integrated! – then adding points will work seamlessly no Manager app will be required.

Manager app enables you not only add points and Redeem rewards but also Invite clients : simply insert there email in ” Invite client ” section and Automated email will be fired up to your client and you do not need to wait for client to download the app you can go to clients list in application and add points to client instantly!

We are providing you WebShop – as you pay license fee – and if you will decide at some point to go away or you will require more functionality with your WebShop then we have at the moment – we can transfer WebShop to your server and you can do the changes by your self or ask us to do it ( Extra charges apply ) if you do on your own or you have your own team you can do adjustments you want we will not charge anything, we will provide guidelines what you should keep in mind to maintain a link between MobileShop and Webshop our tech team will consult you and your team.

Contact us and we will figure out together a way to help you our for connection between your existing WebShop and MobileShop.

Trusted by clients around the world

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Mr Romain MAUREL

Nous avons été les premiers à faire confiance à ClientCard et à son système de fidélisation dématérialisé. C’est important de pouvoir disposer d’une traçabilité concernant la confiance que nos clients nous portent, et aussi de pouvoir être dans une dynamique d’échanges avec eux. L’interface est très fonctionnelle, et facile à expliquer à nos clients.

author photo

Spécialiste de la vente au détail, nous avons expérimenté avec succès ClientCard afin de fidéliser notre clientèle. Nous avons été définitivement convaincus lorsque nous avons vu des clients sortir du magasin afin de pouvoir télécharger l’application ClientCard. C’est un réel gage de confiance pour nous.

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Nous avons pu intégrer le système de fidélisation CLIENTCARD dans notre Webshop. Nous avons relevé de nombreux défis, et nous sommes heureux de voir notre clientèle de 7 à 77 ans utiliser notre interface. Nous apprécions énormément de travailler avec ClientCard.

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C’est très agréable de travailler avec ClientCard : nous avons profité d’un service sur mesure, à proximité de notre entreprise, et nous avons été accompagnés. Nos clients sont très satisfaits de pouvoir utiliser ce système de fidélité. Nous sommes contents de les voir revenir, et encore plus heureux de pouvoir identifier de nouveaux clients grâce à notre programme de fidélité.

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